The Bugatti.

This is another shot I took for my portfolio last week and I really enjoy this one also. I really like how real the background looks it looks good blown because I was going for a bright desert Dubai scene. One thing I could’ve worked on better is getting better light on the car and not having so many reflections. I want to shoot this shot again and get better light one the car, but for now I think the scene works really well with the car and I like how real it looks.


The Corvette.

I took this last picture last week for my portfolio in my Commercial class, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I really like how the image is in your face and the car has the very dominant, mean mood to how it’s framed in the picture I also like how much the red popped in the photograph and how there were not so many highlights. I had a lot of fun with this shoot and I’m excited to learn more about lighting cars.

The Blizzard Car shoot.

This week for my portfolio I decided to do another mini car shoot, but I wanted to do something different. I decided to do a blizzard scene making it look like the car was stuck in the snow and I think it worked out really well and looks fairly real. I had a lot of fun and help during this shoot, my favorite part is how foggy and snowy it looks and how real the fake snow looks. I’m excited to do more of these because each week my ideas get crazier and crazier, this coming up week I’m planning to do a desert scene which should turn out really cool.

Making the best of Greensboro.

I took this shot last week on Battleground Avenue in Greensboro. I’ve wanted to take this picture for a long time and never got around to it but last week I decided to give it a shot. It was a little sketchy getting to the place I wanted to go to take the picture because it was pretty dark and I had to cross a couple busy roads and I’m pretty sure I was wearing black which wasn’t the best idea. But I’m glad I went for it because I think the picture turned out pretty cool. I want to shoot it again at an earlier time so I could get more light in the sky but for now this is good haha. I really enjoy long exposures and would love to play with them some more!

Beautiful Light

I photographed these pictures of Cassidy this past week and I’m really happy with it considering I’m terrible at shooting portraits haha. The picture was taken in downtown Asheboro and the sunset was beautiful that day and it made for absolutely gorgeous light. I really like the lens flare that’s in one of the photos, I’ve never really been able to use lens flare in that way and I’m stoked on how it turned out and it made me a lot more comfortable shooting portraits with good light. The only thing that could’ve made it better is if I had a fill car to give a little more light on her face. Maybe next time I’ll be a little more prepared haha.

The Stang

This week for my portfolio I was able to get a real car into the studio. I went to a car meet late at night last Saturday and met a guy named Bruce who owns a 67 mustang and it’s beautiful. I talked to Brice’s for a while and asked him if he wanted to bring his car to the studio and he was totally down for it. I was a little nervous when he came in because I had never shot a car in the studio but with the power of the ice light I was able to get some really nice photographs of his car and he was super happy with the outcome and so was I. The light was absolutely beautiful, and I hope to photograph more cars this week in studio!

First Portrait Commercial Assignment

For our 4th Client in my Commercial class we had to photograph someone that we didn’t know to well and we had to ask that person how they wanted to be portrayed. This is Noah I met him at the skatepark a while back but I never knew him too well. When I asked Noah how he wanted to be portrayed he told me that he wanted an old 90’s skateboard street feel to the photograph so I decided to use the fisheye lens and I think it worked really well and I captured that feel.

Photographing cars (Tiny)

I photographed this for my portfolio in my commercial class. Originally for this week I had planned to bring a real car into the studio and photograph that but I couldn’t work it out with the owner of the car. So I decided to photograph little model cars and I enjoyed it a lot, I used a macro lens to get close up shots of the little toy cars and I had a lot of fun trying my best to make them look as realistic as possible. I’m really happy with how they came out and I’m excited to do more with the tiny cars and practice for when I can get a real car in the studio.

Conceptual assignment

For my commercial class our last assignment was conceptual photography. I originally photographed an image of a bunch of old cellphones in a lot of dirt and having smoke flow through the bottom of the screen like a cellphone graveyard. I didn’t really like the picture because I feel like I could’ve added more props to make it look better so I decided to use this one. I had a lot of fun shooting this and it was very rewarding seeing how realistic it came out knowing I shot it in studio with a toy car and a rock I got from Bennette’s house. I’m looking forward to doing more like it. 


I took this picture at the lookout at Oak Hollow Lake in High Point. I normally go to Oak Hollow Lake when I need to get away its just a nice quiet place to clear your mind and I always bring my camera with me but normally there is not much worth photographing,  but  on this day it was a very beautiful evening right before sunset and the light was really golden and the way it was bouncing off the water was beautiful, I originally was photographing the lake with a tree silhouetted in the foreground and then I noticed and older couple sitting down in the grass right in front of where the light was reflecting and it made for a really great photograph.